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Heading East…our adventure begins, NOW!

I can’t believe we are actually leaving today. In nine hours, we will be on a plane to Iceland! For so long it has seemed liked a distant grand idea; now it is… Continue reading

T-Minus 6 days: Packing and Itinerary

SIX DAYS!!!!!! HOLY SHIT! We leave in six days! Someone pinch me…its really happening! We have been planning and preparing for this trip for three months. We have done many trial packing events… Continue reading

St. Mary’s Glacier

FUN FACT: There are 135 permanent snow or ice sheets in Colorado. Only 14 of them are named glaciers-all in the front range. (Source: One of the wonderful things about Colorado is the diversity… Continue reading

Mt. Bierstadt! Our first 14er!

FUN FACT: An estimated half a million people climb fourteeners annually in Colorado (Source: Colorado Fourteeners Initiative). We we’re only four out of 500,000! Yesterday morning we got up at 5:15 AM to… Continue reading

Lakes, Flatland and the Badlands

FUN FACT: The name “Black Hills” comes from the Lakota name Pahá Sápa which means “hills that are black”. From a distance, the pine covered mountains rise up above the plains and appear black. (Source:… Continue reading

Old Friends and Turtle Piggyback Rides

FUN FACT: Butterflies don’t poop! They only live for 1-4 weeks and many butterflies taste with their feet. The top speed of a butterfly is 12 mph! (Facts Courtesy of the Henry Doorly… Continue reading

Colorado Hikes and other Adventures

Coming home from the road trip had a few perks, like sleeping in a bed, having fresh not freeze dried food (although I do really like that stuff!), showering for as long as… Continue reading

The Summary: 5 National Parks in 3 weeks…

THE FIRST ROAD TRIP: When we left Grand Teton National Park I didn’t want to admit that our road trip was over. We had such an incredible 3 weeks. I was really getting used to… Continue reading

Grand Tetons: OUT WITH A BANG!

FUN FACT: Grizzly bears can climb trees as cubs but after a few years, their claws are too long (up to 4 inches!) that they lose the ability. Also, grizzly bears can run… Continue reading

Jellystone with Yogi

Fun fact: Bull elk shed their antlers annually (typically in January) and the process takes several weeks. When the antlers begin to regrow in the spring they are in velvet, the only regenerating… Continue reading