About Us


My husband Ronen and I (Elizabeth) met 6.5 years ago at a dive shop in Hawaii. Ronen is one of the funniest people you will meet. He is an incredibly kind man who has a passion for diving and the ocean as well as adrenaline filled adventures. Ronen is a man of many trades including, a commercial diver, dive instructor, and massage therapist. He inspires others through his teaching and respect for the environment. I am an ocean lover, if I could be a mermaid I would. I have a Master’s Degree in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development, with a focus in Marine Science. I am also a dive instructor and worked as the Lead Hatchery Technician at a sustainable fish farm off the Kona Coast in Hawaii.

When we met I was still in college and working as a dive master while Ronen had just arrived from Israel via Palau to work as a dive instructor. We fell madly in love and got married 2 years ago on the beach that we shared our first kiss. After working in Kona for 2.5 years, this past April we decided that it was time to make our long time dream happen. We quit our jobs and began planning our “Big Trip” around the world.


It is our hope that this blog will inspire others to care for the planet and discover the incredible parts of this world, and then fight hard to protect them. We also hope that we will inspire others to do what they really want. Don’t get caught up in what is expected of you. This is your life, you have one chance at it. Make it count. So we decided to explore 7×7, the seven seas and seven continents of this amazing planet and to share our journey of world and self discovery in this blog. We have no set time that we must return to “normal life” or any set itinerary. We will let the wind and waves direct us. Stay tuned for our adventures while we dive, hike, swim, kayak, fly, sail, surf, free dive, mountain climb, abseil and…well, you get the point, around the world. Our hope is to meet incredible people, dive untouched reefs, eat amazing food and take the path less traveled. Wish us luck.

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