So far in the 80433


For the last two days we have had rain, then hail, then snow, and then of course, ice-covered roads. I seriously looked at booking a flight out of this cold weather for the weekend because snow boots and winter jackets don’t fit into my plans. In all honesty, cold weather never fits into my plans unless it involves lots of adult beverages or skiing, or a combination of the two, but definitely not in the middle of May.


That being said, the weather has allowed us to have some close encounters with wildlife. It’s awesome when you get to see deer, fox, elk, bears, etc. but it’s even more awesome when they like to hang out in your backyard.Two evenings ago, we had 4 deer bed down in our yard, 2 yearlings, a doe, and a buck just budding his antlers again. I think Irie and Hoku were the most excited about it, expressing their enthusiasm with a combination of a whine, bark, howl, while peering out the window.


The dogs also seem to LOVE Colorado.Hoku loves to eat the snow, she will literally take bites out of the snow while she is running around. Irie treats the snow like it is sand and plays soccer with her favorite stick like she did at the beach in Hawaii. They have so many things to sniff and new smells that their brains go into overload and they have to nap for hours after 20 minutes of exploration.

photo copy 2

But enough about our dogs. Onto the explore part of this whole blog right?

We are getting our plans solidified for the first road trip. We are leaving Tuesday morning for Bryce Canyon National Park (amazingly beautiful!), then we will camp in Bryce and do some hiking before heading to Zion National Park (again, crazy beautiful!). We will spend two nights and two days hiking and camping in Zion before heading to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (beyond description it’s so beautiful!) for 2 nights and two days. Then VEGAS BABY! for one night before heading to LA to see our nephews and my husband’s brother, mother, and grandmother for 5 days. After that, exploring California and then Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Estimated arrival back to the Centennial State is sometime during the first week of June. I will post photos and details of the road trip somewhere along the way when I can access wifi.

Here are our other explorations in the works:

  • 2 Day Whitewater rafting trip through the Black Canyon in Gunnison, CO
  • Weekend trip to Mesa Verde, CO
  • Whitewater Kayaking somewhere in CO
  • Europe (Departing August 6th) : Amsterdam, Italy, Croatia, Greece
  • Israel
  • Africa (Departing from Tel Aviv on September 22) : South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia