Traveling was something we both have always wanted to do, and recently we realized that despite loving Hawaii and our jobs, we still had something nagging us to move on and to explore new places. Making the decision to leave our life in Hawaii and travel the world was easier than I expected. The hardest part about the decision was knowing that we would have to leave our two fur-babies, Irie the Ultimate Happiness and Hokulele our Shooting Star, behind for my parents to love and care for when we are away. But we both knew that leaving was the best decision we could ever make, so we booked our flights to Colorado and sold, donated, or threw out of 90% of our belongings. We packed up the dogs and gave them proscuitto wrapped sedatives for the flight. We said “see you later” to our dive friends, our co-workers, and my roller derby sisters, and left our life behind. When we left Hawaii, it was sunny and 83 degrees and when we arrived in Denver, it was a snowy 28 degrees. Quite a rude awakening, especially on May 2. My one comfort is that Colorado is simply our launching point or home base from which our explorations will begin, it’s not a permanent move to state with 9 months of winter.

All of our belongings fit in one small corner of our empty house, ready and waiting to fly away and leave our home behind.

Empty House

Irie and Hoku being deplaned during our layover in Seattle.

Dogs Deplane